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Wala Djunda - Glennys Briggs - Taungurung/Wiradjuri/Yorta Yorta

Wala Djunda - Glennys Briggs - Taungurung/Wiradjuri/Yorta Yorta

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Acrylic on Canvas - Stretched 

Size: 2 X 920mm x 610mm

Artwork Story: I grew up on my father's country of the Yorta Yorta people. Water birds were a part of everyday life along the river whewre we lived. The Murray River traditionally called Milawa/Dungala and its waterways and contributories are home to a large family of wala djunda (water birds). The Wodonga Creek and Gateway Island wetlands along the walking tracks are havens for some of these birds. In this mural it depicts two of the species, wodonga cormorants and galmuka (cranes). This painting responds to the wetland birds that live along the waterways and in the wetlands of the Gateway Island and Wodonga Creek. They are often a good sign of a healthy ecology and may contribute to limiting invasive prey populations. 

Artist Bio: Glennys has TUNGURUNG / YORTA YORTA and WIRADJURI tribal affiliations. Her mother's land of the TUNGURUNG are in Central Victoria along the Great Dividing Range, YORTA YORTA, who's lands are along the Murray River bordering New South Wales and Victoria. WIRADJURI whose land run from the top of New South Wales to the Victorian border of Albury, where her Great grandmother was born. She also has tribal affilations with her fathers adopted family of MANNALEGENNIS PALAWA people of Tasmania. She is a Elder of her family clan, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. A visual artist, educator, curator and performer. She holds a BA in Indigenous Contemporary art and histroy. Her art practise consists of Printmaking, Painting, Posuum Skin Cloak Making and Sculptural pieces. Her works are based around her strong cultrual connection to her country and people. Her portrayal of the beliefs in the rights of her people and the environment can be found in her work. She tells the stories of her family and cultural history so that the ancestors voices can be heard. 

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