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Muthay Yulay Gali Wandabaa ( Possum Skin Water Dreaming) - Patricia Cerminara - Gamilaroi

Muthay Yulay Gali Wandabaa ( Possum Skin Water Dreaming) - Patricia Cerminara - Gamilaroi

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Mixed medium, acrylic on canvas with ochre - stretched canvas 

Size: 920mm X 610mm

Artwork Story: This art piece represents the dreaming of water told through a possum skin journey. Traditionally Aboriginal people had no means of writing, so our journey was etched into a possum skin.
My grandmother used to tell us stories of how the Possum travelled on land and water.
This artwork represents the dreaming of water, it shows the management through river restoration and the significance of water to animal and plant life.
Water plays a critical role not just for survival in an often arid and harsh environment but also for its significance in Aboriginal culture and identity. Water helps in defining language boundaries and ceremonial places and many land management practices.

The art also shows the underground meeting circles of my ancestors as they dug tunnels to channel and filter water, the water was then covered to avoid contamination and evaporation.
My Gunni sits and watches as my ancestors protect the land and its water ways, while keeping to the laws and cultural protocols to manage water resources.

This art has a spiritual significance as it forms our language, cultural practices, lore and song lines this is how my ancestors drew it, as language connects culture to place with water, when that water disappears, the language may disappear with it.
The art also shows river dividing in flood times and wetlands, these provide traditional bush foods, there is hunting and gathering sites, plant life for medicines and reeds for weaving.

All of this put together shows the balance of water, land, animals, plant life and people.

Artist Bio: I am a proud Gamilaroi woman I was born in Griffith in NSW.
My great grandmother Eliza McGowan was born in Mungindi in Queensland, my mother was born in Walgett NSW. I am a descendant of the Wetherall Evans, Bourke, McGowan, families. The beautiful Murray River (or what my nan calls the river of life) runs along the land in which I live and have raised my four beautiful children, and where I often take my nine grandchildren.
My connection to community is important as it helps me to re affirm belonging and connection. It takes my art to the very being of country that’s full of flora and fauna, art grounds me. As an artist I love nothing better that to grab an old shirt a bag of paints and a canvas and draw, and paint. My art ability does not stop there. I love to carve wood, weave, sculpt, print making. I love to wear my art also, I make earrings and I am well known for my painted shoes and clothes.I believe art opens doors, creates conversations and heals broken minds.

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