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Tamara Murray

Beauty Comes From Within - by Tamara Murray

Beauty Comes From Within - by Tamara Murray

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Acrylic on Canvas. 45 x 91cm framed. Price includes postage.

This work is an original painting by  First Nations artist Tamara Murray. Beauty Comes From Within is about allowing your inner beauty to Flourish.



Tamara is a Barkindji woman, living and sustaining her art practice in the Border region. She is dedicated to the meditative, quiet processes of her practice which results in thoughtfully resolved work with strong conceptual connections back to her Aboriginal heritage. Tamara works across several mediums including painting, sculpture and fabric design.

“It’s amazing; mum’s sewing and beading with the girls, I’m painting and Dad’s doing his thing. We come together and eat, and we are happy as we bounce ideas off each other regarding our practices. It’s really brilliant.” – Tamara Murray

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